Congressional Candidate Joe Collins' education initiative

Congressional Candidate Joe Collins' education initiative

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Republican nominee for Congressional district 36 releases his education Initiative.

Collins says education will be a top priority if he is elected to office. "Our education system should be preparing our young people for the jobs of the future," said Collins. "If we don't invest in education, we're not going to be able to compete in the global economy.

Education has always been a fundamental pillar of our society. It is through education that we pass on our values, beliefs, and knowledge to the next generation. But for too long, our students have been underserved and underfunded. Our schools are overcrowded, our educators are overworked, and our students are falling behind. That is why I am proud to introduce my Education Initiative, which will provide much-needed resources to our schools and educators. This initiative will increase funding to rebuild our schools, help reduce class sizes, improve working read more conditions for educators, increase funding for special education programs and provide additional resources for struggling students

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